Knox Safe Custody is a local Krugerrand dealer linked to Rand Refinery. Rand Refinery are Suppliers of Krugerrands, granules, minted bars, coin blanks and medallions. Their offering extends across the precious metals value chain and begins with world-class smelting, evaluation, refining and recovery of precious metals that have been responsibly sourced. From there, they fabricate a variety of products for investment and retail clients.

The Safe Deposit Federation (SDF) is a self-regulating federation of independent safe deposit box companies. The federation was setup to raise the standards of safekeeping facilities and ensure clients exacting standards And requirements are met. We are the largest federation of safekeeping facilities in the world. The SDF are at The vanguard for setting the high standards in the industry. This means customers can then be assured they Will receive only the highest level of service when they visit or register with any of our approved members.

CORTAC is a high-end risk management and solutions provider operating in the mining, industrial, commercial, Agricultural, residential and event sectors. Through the deployment of our unique solutions-based approach, We have an unmatched track record of minimising loss, protecting clients interest and adding immeasurable Value throughout South Africa and globally. We value professionalism, integrity, innovation, exceptional customer service and teamwork.

SNIPR™ is Southern Africa’s leading innovative electronic security solutions provider. Our core goal is to help reduce crime and criminal activity across South Africa, making it a safer, smarter, more secure place to live.

The Knox Safety Deposit Box liability is underwritten by Lloyds of London through our partner Artinsure (Pty) Ltd. You can insure the contents of your safe deposit box up to R5 000 000.

The South African Mint is responsible for minting all coins of the South African rand on behalf of its owner, the South African Reserve Bank.

C.HAFNER is one of Europe’s leading product and service providers in the field of precious metals technology.

Metcon manufactures world-class investment products for local and international investors ranging from minted bars, medallions, cast bars and more.

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